Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Coconut Water!

Hey Dolls.

Today's post is about the much adored 'Coconut Water'. The brand I'm talking about today is Vita Coco. The lovely people over at Vita Coco sent me a lovely box of goodies contained inside was one of each of the 6 flavours of water.

Passion fruit
Peach & Mango (my favourite, and considering I really don't like peach I love this!)
Acai and Pomegranate

I really liked them! I have mainly been adding them into blended fruit and a scoopful of my protein for a really nice nutritious break fast. But they can be enjoyed on their own! I must admit I didn't like them room temperature but really enjoyed them after they had been in the fridge. They do have a slight 'twinge' to their taste some would say a slightly sour note which will not be for everyone!

Coconut water is highly nutritious and good for you. It has been spotted on countless celebs and Rihanna has been the face of the brand.

Coconut water is more hydrating than a glass of water and in Fiji is used as emergency Intravenus fluids to hydrate severely dehydrated patients and is very common practise.

It also contains more potassium than a Banana, which is great! Considering I know a lot of people who think Bananas are baby food!
Hydrating your skin is not only good for the inside of you but also the outside. After drinking Vita Coco, I have noticed a difference in my skin, hair and nails. They have started to look a lot better and the quality is better too, my hair isn't as dry and my nails don't break half as easily anymore.
Vita Coco has a massive thumbs up from me!! I shall continue to drink it. You can buy it from Holland and Barrett if you're more interested in the flavoured ones, where as I know you can buy the litre cartons from both Tesco and Sainsbury's for cheaper at around £3-£4 dependant on offer!!
Do you drink Coconut water? Which brand do you opt for?
*My views are all my own, product was sent from Vita Coco for review.

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