Friday, 24 May 2013

Fiji Water!

Hi Lovelies!
Today I bring you what may seem like an odd review.. of water?!
But this water is different, I tend to avoid tap water as it's not great and it's been chemically treated so more often than not I opt for bottled water. It's quick and easy and fits in the fridge.
As you might be aware in exactly 2 years I'm jetting off to Fiji for a month or two to volunteer on a Teaching Project and a Shark Conservation Project.
I love Fiji Water Company and their values for this reason alone!

The Brand:
Fiji Water was set up to put money back in Fijan communities and is currently one of Fijis largest exports. They are helping preserve Fiji's largest lowland rain forest. This is currently a habitat to animals and plant which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, thus being very important!
Also helping preserve Fiji's natural environment. Which is beautiful!!
Fiji water also helps schools and education is Fiji which is what I'll be flying over there to do also. Fiji water has helped build much needed schools out there and train up adults to become fully qualified nursery nurses and teachers.
To me the company overall are amazing and are helping Fiji millions! You may be thin king then why is 53% of Fiji population not able to get clean drinking water? What you must know is Fiji is made up of an Archipelago of tiny islands, so currently this is quite easy to understand. The company have installed various water tanks to parts of Fiji giving them 100% clean drinking water and a system to match. Amazing!

The Fiji Water*
The water itself is really nice and refreshing, you can't say a lot about the taste of water. I don't love water but have been starting to drink it a lot more lately, and I feel better knowing the money is going to a good cause!

I have been drinking the samples sent to me which was a 330ml bottle (odd size but perfect handbag size!) and a 500ml standard size. They also sent to spare caps, what?! you say. Well they came with a built in straw the caps I mean! I was fascinated by these and think they are amazing!

Fiji water can be found at Ocado and Co-Op mainly. Give them a check out. The 330ml at Ocado is £3.49p for a pack of 6 and the 500ml is 79p! This I think is very good prices!! For more information please check their website forwhat they're doing and how they got there!

Have you tried Fiji Water? Let me know down below!!

Rebecca xx

*pr sample sent for review :) this does not affect my views

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kicking The Diet Coke Habit!

Hi Guys!
I know I've been a little MIA for the last week, but I've been enjoying my freedom (I've finish uni till September ha ha). But today I bring you a post about something that's not as easy as it sounds!!
So I used to be a chronic Diet Coke drinker, being one of those people who thought "Oh, well it's got no sugar, no fat and calorie free practically" and never thought to ask myself why the hell is this drink brown and how? So I have extremely painful knee's at times and that kicked my health kick. So clearly the Diet Coke had to go! I knew deep down it could be making them worse, afterall what you dirnk is going into your body!?!
Did you know 'Coca Cola' is the second most recognised word worldwide one place behind OK?!?!
Anyway... I started drinking less of the stuff in the shiny silver can and more of ASDA's flavoured fizzy water, cutting down bit by bit is easier than the 'lets stop no more now' kind of approach as you crave it less, and you forget how much you initially depended on it. And yes depended. Diet Coke contains Caffeine which is addictive!
I suffered serious headaches, dizzy spells and case of the shakes (where my hands and lower arms would become shaky). This is serious and can have a detrimental affect on your body.
Did you know Caffeine is known to coax the calcium OUT of your bones!!
By cutting down the Diet Coke and drink copious amounts of Blackberry and Elderflower fizzy water I became a happier person and felt tonnes better! My skin looked healthier and my joints felt more relaxed and hurt far less than they had done!
All in all I do treat myself to an occasional glass of ice cold Diet Coke if it's sunny, but if I do, I have a treat drink rather than loosing the plot and going back down a winding road!
It might seem ridiculous to some but this was a very difficult thing to do but I am proud of myself for it and I know my body is better for it too. And so is my Mother after continually worrying Diet Coke make ruin my joints (which it can!!).
Since then I've discovered more nutritional drinks like Coconut Water, Freshly juiced fruit and water! I've come to love water in all it's glory.
The thing I hope to gain from this post is just because it's calorie free doesn't make it a good drink. Just think whats exactly giving it a taste? Chemicals probably! Make sure you know what you're drinking. Believe people who tell you it's not good for you, if you don't read up on it. Now my knee's are bad and Coke is probably a contributing factor I learnt a little too late. But we can all kick the diet coke!!
I hope you liked reading this post, which was quite personal for me. If you want it, you can do it! Dream for it, blieve it and you just might surprise yourself and acheive it! :D
P.S Sorry about my little facts but I found then interesting haha. My general rule is read the ingredients if you can't pronounce them don't digest them. Good luck to anyone trying to give it up. It's hard but put in the legwork you'll feel great afterwards.

Friday, 3 May 2013

9 Bar Review!

Hi Guys!
I know I snack, you probably snack, we all snack. We just can't help it. Sometimes you get a little peckish in between meals or pre workout, I thought I'd bring you a review of two bars that I found in ASDA today.
9 Bar

I found these on a blog this morning, And HAD to try them. 9 bar is a company based in Wales (UK) where all the bars are made. All 6 bars are made up from different seeds and packed full of nutrients to keep you going. The seeds include: sunflower, poppy, pumpkin, sesame and hemp. They also include nuts in some of them such as: cashews, pistachios and peanuts. Seeds and nuts are famously good for different nutrients, 'good fats', minerals and essential fatty acids like Omega 3. Hemp seed which is the star igredient in the 9bars does contain all of the 20 amino acids that we needs in our body which are good for esentail health. The ones I've tried are Original and Flax. There are six different flavours all together. They can be found at supermarket or on their website here.
Weight: 50g
Calories per bar: 277
Protein: 9.2g
This was the first bar that I tried and is lovely! It contains natural cane sugar (which isn't like all the suggary sugars that are bad for you this is good!) which gives it a perfect level of sweetness to give that craving a fix. The layer of carob topping which is like chocolate is better than actual chocolate! The bar is wheat, gluten and dairy free. It really filled me up for a long time, which is perfect pre workout or as a morning snack on the train as brain food before uni!
Weight: 50g
Calories per bar: 261
Protein: 8.7g

This was also gorge! With the added flax seed it did taste slightly different. Although I love them both. Thet do make a really nice snack and do keep you going. I'd love to try the other flavours. You can egt them at ASDA or on their website.

Have you tried them?

Rebecca xx