Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Update | I'm Baaaaaack!


I know I've been away a while. Life kinda just gets in the way sometimes and some things have to take a back seat. For me, that was my blogging. But today is the start of a new month and I'm back into things and can't wait to get going again. Today I have my top ten targets of the month! I may make this monthly?

Here we go:

1. I am going to reduce my alcohol intake this month, narrowing down to around a glass of wine a week. (except for the 11th of October when I move out!!) 

2. No chocolate. No sweets! I'm gunna try!

3. Less coffee, more herbal teas. This will be difficult!!

4. More fitness! I want to do more fitness this month, now I'll be walking up and down from the train station at both ends. 

5. Reach my daily intake of water.

6. Stop eating crap! Honestly, the amount of Fast Food I've even lately is ridiculous! 

7. Write weekly goals. I want to try and right down three weekly goals and meet them! 

8.  5 a day. Yes I'm targeting to eat 5 fruits and 5 veg a day. 

9. Food diary. I'm starting a food diary this month. 

10. Blog more! I missed blogging so I'm back at it!!

So there you go my top ten targets of October! 
Does anybody else do this?

Rebecca xx

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